We consider Quality, Reliability, Characteristics andPCB manufacturing know-how required for mass-produced products from the stage of Design and Trial Production.
Then we propose unique to mass-production manufacturer.

Trial Production

VE/VA Proposal from DesignStage

  • Proposal of PCB face(Size & Layout) for Best Quantity per square
  • Material Suggestion for CostReduction
  • Simuration of Impedance Control

Verification from DesignStage

  • Checking Design rule for mass-productivity
  • Advance-proposal for mass-production proliem

Quality equivalent to mass-products.

  • In the same production line as mass production.
  • Providing quality as high as massproduction quality.
  • Open/Short test every PCB with quick delivery.

PCB Design to Component mounting

  • Total Support;Not only PCB manufacturing but also CAD designing and Component mounting.

Trial PCB Manufacturing Flow


‘Garber Data,etc…. Reply・Direct

Design Section

  • Checking Design rule,
  • Making Tools,
  • Deciding specification.


Manufactureing Tools

Manufacturing Section

  • We can accept not only Garber but also ODB++, DXF and so on.
  • With Checking Design-rule considering mass-productivity, we share theme with Customer, and propose our unique solution.
  • For order in short Leadtime ,We start manufacturing from same day receiving the data.


By considering quality, reliability, and characteristics required for mass-produced products from the trial production stage, We will move smoothly to mass production.