Environment ・ mineral procurement

Our company is located in the Lake North region between Lake Biwa which has the largest area in Japan and Ibuki Mountain of the highest peak in Shiga Prefecture. And because of its abundant water resources, it is surrounded by paddy field and fry Ayu Facilities such as a fish farm are scattered. In carrying out our business, we recognize that environmental loads such as groundwater, rivers and Lake Biwa have a major impact on the natural environment, and the loss of biodiversity and the impact on local communities is immeasurable. We are promoting reduction of environmental impact, compliance with laws and regulations removes factors that cause environmental accidents and complaints, and we are actively engaged in environmental conservation activities to ensure safe and secure business activities.

We are also committed to responsibly procuring minerals from a CSR perspective.

1. Authentication


2.Environmental policy

3.Response to regulations

Environmental laws and regulations

We abide by ordinances of Shiga prefecture with more stringent water quality standards than domestic laws.

Chemical substances contained in products

  • RoHS Directive
  • ELV Directive
  • REACH regulation
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

4.Policy on responsible mineral procurement

Gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its surrounding countries and high-risk areas (CAHRA) are used to fund armed groups engaged in anti-government and human rights abuses.We do not procure materials containing minerals that have been unfairly mined in the DRC countries and do not use them in our products.

Additionally, cobalt and mica pose risks of human rights violations and child labor at mining sites due to poor working conditions, so from the perspective of social responsibility, we treat cobalt and mica as minerals that require management.

To eliminate conflict minerals and high-risk minerals from the supply chain, we will conduct surveys to our suppliers using CMRT and EMRT templates.


Target minerals : Gold, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, Cobalt and Mica


Requests to suppliers 

1. Please cooperate with our investigation using the CMRT and EMRT template.

2. Please conduct Investigation the supply chain using the CMRT and EMRT template and conduct the *due diligence .

3. Please procure the minerals from smelters that have been verified by an independent third-party audit program.


*due diligence:

・Risk assessment (ensure supply chain transparency)

・Activities to make the supply chain transparent, confirm the existence of human rights violations

   and other problems due to the origin of raw materials, and correct any problems that are identified