New graduate recruiting information

Company information session
I will do it at the head office from time to time.
Application method
Free application
Number of people planned to be employed
Some people
Wanted jobs
Development technology position, quality assurance position, sales position
Documents to be submitted
Resume (attached photo) · Graduation prospect certificate · Transcripts · Health certificate
Selection method
Written test, proper test, interview testWe focus on interviews.
Recruitment contact
30 Tacho Nagahama City Shiga Prefecture 529-0149
Personnel recruiter
TEL: 0749-73-3021
Recruitment school
Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kanagawa University, Kanto Gakuin University, Kansai University
"Kyoto University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Doshisha University, Toyama University, Nagoya University
Fukui University, Yokohama City University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, others

Initial salary · general work
University graduates JPY199,200- Master graduates JPY219,200-
Raising · bonus
【Salary increase】 once a year 【bonus】 twice a year * due to company performance
Working hours