I think that EPC has a lot of opportunities for each employee to grow.

"S" ProductDevelopment Group

We are engaged in work focusing on product design and process design of developed products in development group.
Studying the design content of the new product and making actual prototypes while watching on the production line, examining problems improvement and yield improvement, investigating new processes and facilities necessary for manufacturing It is concrete content to do, prepare to transfer to production for mass production.

In terms of the nature of the task of development, there are many situations where ordinary work and the know-how
that has been passed do not pass or there are many situations where it does not work as expected, but the sense of accomplishment
when it was able to solve the problem by repeated trial and error its big.
Also, since it involves a wide range of manufacturing processes from board design to shipment,
you can experience experience by touching various knowledge and skills, and you can realize the pleasure and depth of manufacturing.

I think that EPC has a lot of opportunities for each employee to grow.
There are opportunities to grow and appreciate through work as you can leave a job that is responsible young.
Some young people are responsible for managerial positions, and it is a company that aims at going up depending on the motivation of the person himself.
In addition, EPC has a strong connection between employees, and it is characterized by a comfortable working atmosphere that is friendly.
Although I have the opportunity to work with various departments in business, everyone is very friendly and sometimes actively cooperates with requests for content that is difficult, and I am helping you.
I think that cooperation and exchanges beyond departments and generations are attractive to other companies as well.